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Federal Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured in the performance of your duties?
Is your pain or illness aggravated by what you do at work?
Has your employing agency or the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs treated you unfairly?
Have you received all the benefits to which you are entitled?

At the Law Office of Paul Kalker, Mr. Kalker aggressively handles all issues concerning the Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA), the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB), and the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP). Mr. Kalker has witnessed first hand the damage a denial or delayed claim can have on a federal employee and their loved ones and understands all too well that an injury doesn't seem to prompt the claims examiners to work hard for you. But Paul Kalker is determined to ensure you receive the treatment, money and benefits you deserve.

At the Law Office of Paul Kalker, we fight every day for federal workers' compensation rights including:

• Wage Loss
• Schedule Award
• Disability Retirement
• Medical Benefits
• Underpayment
• Modified Duty Issues/Return to Work Issues
• Offsets- Repayment From More Than One Source (i.e., Disability Retirement and Schedule Award)

Paul Kalker, as your legal representative, reviews and analyzes your case file, researches the FECA and ECAB rulings that address your particular situation and then submits an extensive and thorough brief in support of your particular needs. Mr. Kalker utilizes every appeal option available to help your voice be heard, including, if necessary, an appeal to the ECAB in Washington, D.C. to win your case.

Federal Workers' Compensation Claims

Under the FECA statute, federal employees who are injured on the job may have claims for a traumatic injury or an occupational injury.

Traumatic Injuries

According to Federal law, a traumatic injury means: A condition of the body caused by a specific event or incident, or a series of events or incidents, within a single workday or shift. Such condition must be caused by external force, including stress or strain, which is identifiable as to time and place of occurrence and member and function of the body affected.

Occupational Injuries

An Occupational injury, disease or illness means a condition produced by the work environment over a period longer than a single work day or shift.

Federal Workers' Compensation Benefits

Under the FECA, an injured employee may receive benefits for:

• Lost wages
• Loss of wage-earning capacity (a percentage of the difference between pre-injury wage and post-injury wage)
• Disfigurement or loss of use of body members (Schedule Award)
• Medical expenses
• Vocational rehabilitation services
• Death/Survivors' benefits

If you have found this website, it is quite likely that you have had the misfortune of suffering a work injury and have now learned how frustrating the workers' compensation process can be for federal employees. If you or a loved one have suffered on the job in a federal position, contact an attorney with the experience, resources, and skill you need to help guide you through this confusing area of the law. Contact the Law Office of Paul Kalker and receive the representation and benefits you deserve.